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If you are looking for visibility in front of a professional urban demography you've just found the most cost effective way to do that. Cite.Co is an "Always on" channel to reach out to the professional and business circles.

Our Community currently hosts over 150,000 discussions on critical as well as common corporate and professional problems. Problems that re-occur in every organisation and professionals in-charge of finding a solution do so on our network.

Over the years we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge on such concerns and everything is available to everyone at no cost.

Used by thousands of companies all over the world - here are a few well known companies which use our community services:

Network Domains: CiteHR | CiteFin | CiteSales | CiteOps | CiteLegal | CiteMan

Network Reach

Over 1.5 Million Monthly Active users - over 4 Million Page Views.

When compared to tradition newspaper or TV advertising our reach is far more targeted as we cater primarily to the working professionals. With the sponsor package your brand is constantly visible in the professional circle and with dedicated email campaigns you can push your brands visibility instantly, far more effectively and at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.

Sponsoring a community is for companies who want to have a constant presence and visibility around a corporate gathering.

Sponsor program pricing: Rs.250,000 per MONTH (1 exclusive slot only - currently available)

For short term ad campaigns we recommend Google Adwords - where you can target our network sites.

Email Marketing Infomercial Campaign To Professionals

We allow companies to send out infomercial or promotional emails to our entire member-base as a dedicated email. All emails are from our opt-in member-base which has been built up over 9 years.

All India INFOMERCIAL Send - 11,52,422 Subscribers - Rs.34,572 @Rs.0.03 per email
Total cost: Rs.34,572 + 6223 (18% GST) = Rs.40,795

Email campaign ad matter needs to be INFOMERCIAL in nature.
Meaning of informercial in this context: The content needs to have important or useful information (like a blog post or event material) related to the industry of the product. Information that can directly or indirectly help users to gain knowledge or understanding about the problem the product solves. This could be related to or include recent industry developments, short case study of the problems the product solves or information that can help the user perform better with / without the use of the product (easier with). The INFOMERCIAL can contain one CTA to product.

All India dedicated PROMOTIONAL Send - 11,52,422 Lakh Subscribers - Rs.92,194 @Rs.0.08 per email
Total cost: Rs.92,194 + 16,594 GST = Rs.108,788

Promotional emails can be a hard sell campaign where only the product information brouchure is pushed to all the members.

Corporate Brands We've Promoted

While a lot depends on how effectively the campaign template is designed, we have consistently been able provide our clients exceptional ROI: - email campaign pan india - ebook download after registration - over 9,000 downloads. - email campaign pan india for employer registration - Rs.190 per conversion. - Free trial promotion pan India - over 600 company registrations - 1500 brouchure downloads.
Hsenid: Pan India Campaign - HRIS Software Promotion - 250 Leads.

Cite.Co Testimonials

You can read (about 2000) testimonials here:

My experience with CiteHR all India pack was great. We're hoping for maximum 150 conversions (with not much enthusiasm), but we got 254 - a pleasant surprise :). Additionally, the campaign contributed in rise in traffic by 30 % for the month. And thanks to the people at CiteHR, especially Sidhartha, for providing such a great customer experience!
Shahdab Alam, Marketing Manager, Internshala (
Cite.HR is a vast community with a nice blend of professionals across industries & job profiles. Working with Sidhartha was a very good experience. He is truly professional in his approach and goes at length to ensure that the client achieves the end goal. The database is good in numbers and in quality. Just through the Email Database marketing campaign, we got 600+ leads out of which roughly around 10% converted as our clients and we are hoping more conversions in future.
Dhriti Goyal, Marketing Manager, Happay (
My experience working with CiteHR was awesome! The email campaign we did with them performed beyond our expectations and generated 355 leads along with good traffic to the website. Sidhartha was always available to answer any of my queries thus providing great customer experience. We look forward to work with CiteHR for our future campaigns.
Siva Karthik Kancharla, Email Marketing Specialist, GreytHR (

To become a sponsor of our network or book an email campaign please e-mail - Please include details about your company and your product or service - we can only work with three companies at a time due to limited ad space. Thank you for your interest in Cite.Community Sponsorship. We look forward to working with you.

  • All our programs are pre-pay.
  • Prorated refund if sponsor finds the campaign unsuitable [refund made within 45 days of intimation for unused number of days].
  • Sponsors agree that a prorated refund is the extent and the only liability accepted by Cite.Community (CiteMan Network).
  • Pricing structure reviewed at the end of campaign term as per the number of page impressions & demand.
  • Pricing will remain consistent for all sponsors as disclosed publicly.
  • Banner links are nofollowed (rel=nofollow) to preserve page authority.
  • GST payable by the client, TDS deductions (if in India) can be adjusted as applicable.
  • We reserve the right to reject any potential advertising request.
  • Email campaigns are sent from Amazon SES - we currently do not have any way to record open rates. Clients are encouraged to tag URLs in the email to track clicks.
  • Member email addresses are never shared with the client - all campaigns are executed by CiteMan Network from our servers.
  • Clients companies cannot hold Cite.Co (CiteMan Network) liable for any damages caused by the actions of the campaign, which is designed in consultation with the client company.

Write to to get started with your digital campaign.

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