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Sidhartha Roy
Founder And CEO

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Apurva Arora Roy
Legal And Community Support

Mentors & Advisors

A.P. Arora

Prof. Ashok Pratap Arora
Professor at Management Development Institute, Gurgaon

Ram Kakani

Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani
Professor at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration


A Very Warm Welcome To Cite Community.

Cite.Community was established in 2006 with a mission to document business and professional insights.

We welcome you to join our free community service as we together explore and improve "How we work" and "What is coming up".

Our network consists of seven domains -, for business articles, for human resource management, for finance management, for sales and marketing management, for operations management for legal discussions.

Our community sites are filled with insights into various aspects of business and professional life including thousands of power point presentations, word, excel & pdf formats.

What are we doing here?

Our main objective is to foster open discussions on all aspects of business and professional life and record insights for future use. Over years we have sort of created a knowledge-base where people can read such insights shared by others.

Our platforms opens up a realm of connections that otherwise would take years to develops and allows ALL to explore and reach out to others to gather ideas and resources. Our members have shown tremendous attachment to our network. Becoming a member of the network makes users part of a fantastically constructive group of people who not only challenge and stimulate one to improve but also help with advice and solutions to organizational problems from their experience.

Being a part of Cite.Co is about self improvement, improvement in the lives of the employees of the organizations and improvement in the work they are doing.

Everything on our network is available to everyone at no charge – use it well.

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